Shipping Policy

The Sporthotic team is passionate about sport in all forms. And from that passion for sport we have started a webshop, to share our hobby with you.

Because of our experience as athletes in yoga, fitness running and so many other sports, we know better than anyone how important it is to have good equipment for training. Whether that is sportswear or equipment, you want the best for the best price.

From the price and quality ratio, we have started to build a network of suppliers of sports clothing and supplies. Because of this we have contact with suppliers from all over the world.

Thats why our shipping policy consists of a shipping wait time of around 5-30 days depending on where you are located and the supplier. Our shipping times suffer, so the customer can have a affordable price for the product. We are able to obtain this affordable price by shipping directly from a manufacturer and from not having to have inventory or overhead. You will not be disappointed once the wait is over.